Specialty Finishes

An economical way to get the overall look of planking. Fun with paint design.

This faux finish looks so real, you can't tell until you're up close!

A specialty finish applied in a coordinated palette creates an rich, cohesive look throughout the entire home.

Custom floral border details in a residential bathroom.

For this project, I created a faint tropical finish that didn't overwhelm the room.

The walls were painted and given a custom finish along with matching, faint palm details throughout.

 The wall color and palm detail color really complimented each other and allowed the e...

 The front entry and garage doors were given a dark wood-grain finish.

This project created an updated look that brought the exterior together really well.

Hand painted gifts for holidays, special occasions, or to add to your shelves at home!

Whether your fireplace taking up a corner or an entire wall, it deserves to be a centerpiece that represents your personality.

These are just a few of the many fireplace I've refreshed over the years. From indoor to out, they can be customized in countless ways. 

 Many o...

Light aging and small details add a cozy, customized feel to builder grade kitchen cabinetry.

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Tri-Cities, WA, USA

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